Licensed Vancouver Home Inspector Angelo Agaloy

Angelo Agaloy

Licensed Home Inspector

Angelo Agaloy is the owner and lead inspector of Mainland Home Inspections. Angelo is a longtime Vancouver resident with a family background in construction, and he started learning the ropes at a young age. As he grew older and continued gaining experience in the industry, Angelo developed a knack for solving issues that arose from improper construction practices. In the present day, Angelo excels at troubleshooting the problems that are often encountered in home construction—and as a professional home inspector, he is able to help others recognize and overcome these problems so that they can work toward a secure investment.

A Line of Work This Home Inspector Loves

Since 2005, Angelo has been helping clients in the greater Vancouver area gain the confidence and acquire the knowledge to make an informed home-buying decision. While many people in this industry are satisfied with their careers, Angelo truly loves this job—because he gets to work with the structures and systems he understands so naturally while helping others achieve the potentially life-changing goal of owning the perfect home. 

Angelo’s qualifications include:

  • Licensed Home Inspector
  • Licensed Plumber (Red Seal)
  • Licensed Heating Technician (Red Seal)
  • Family background in home construction & remodeling
  • 20 total years of experience as a service plumber, gas fitter, & heating technician
  • More than 14 years as a Home Inspector
Licensed Vancouver Home Inspector

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The buyer or seller of a home who is scheduling the inspection is welcome to be present when Angelo evaluates the home—giving you an inside look at the inspection process and a chance to better understand the home’s overall condition.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Angelo is exploring the beautiful city of Vancouver and all that British Columbia has to offer with his wonderful friends and family.


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